One morning I find myself being reprimanded for having a ‘grab-and-go’ attitude with God. It was one of those days when it seems like 24 hrs will not be enough to accomplish all the seemingly important things that I had filled my ‘plate’ with. Nevertheless, I wanted to pray and study the word before heading out for the day. I did, but it was more like checking off an activity on my to-do list. I finished praying, read the Bible and as I started to leave, I felt a strong sense of discontent within me. I felt rebuked about my attitude and approach to my personal time with God, the owner of it all. I stopped to repent, and while trying to find the right word to express what I felt inside, I heard these words softly within me -“Yemi, it’s like you’re having a grab-and-go attitude with Me”. I totally got the message. You know God will speak to you in the language you understand.

I realize that many believers, myself included, sometimes have this attitude whether while doing personal devotion or when studying the word. For example in prayer, we pray to get a quick answer for the pressing need, we grab the answer “by faith” (we tell ourselves), we get up and go. For some, after completing the routine of prayer, either for morning devotion or personal time, as soon as we’re done, we leave the place of prayer not taking the time to listen to God‘s heart, His desires or to find out the assignment He may have for us for that day. It may also be in the form of reading the Bible to complete the routine of personal Bible study or to have a message to share on the pulpit or in your next bible study group. So we just grab the promise, encouragement, hope, faith, revelation etc. that is needed at that moment, not waiting to look intently or asking with an open heart to see what God wants us to see. Not taking the time to be nourished from the word.

What I’ve learned is that by rushing out of God’s presence, you not only miss the time of fellowship with Him but you also miss His divine direction and the accompanying blessings. With a grab-and-go attitude, you fail to get His customized word, plan, and direction, made just for you, for your situation, for your day. Remember, many times, what you think you need is not always what you need.

By staying in His presence, God, your Maker, can custom-fit you for His plan and prepare you for what lies ahead in your day and the season in your life. Remember Ps. 32:8 which happens to be one of my favorite scriptures; “l will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you”. You will get more satisfaction and fulfillment in life by spending time with Him than running after those things that seem to be eluding you no matter how hard you pursue them.

You may only have a few minutes to pray, read the word, or meditate on God’s word. Make those minutes count. Let it be for Him. He understands and knows your struggles. Today, make up your mind to give Him the best of your time, no matter what time of the day that is for you given your situation. He longs for fellowship with You. He wants to help but He says “you will seek me and find me when you seek me with ALL your heart” (Jer. 29:13). I pray that you will receive the renewed grace to seek Him with ALL your heart starting from today!

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