Have you ever wondered how medications work?

Do you sometimes take a pill and wonder what goes on in your body to cause the desired effects?

What is in a tablet of Tylenol that relieves your aches, Metformin that lowers the blood sugar, or Metoprolol that slows down the heart rate and lowers blood pressure? As a prescriber of these medications, I wonder about these things sometimes.

Most pills look dry and simple but some are potent enough to alter the heart’s function even at low doses. For Antineoplastic drugs, anyone handling them is required to wear gloves and gowns because the “drugs can be harmful to the healthy dividing cells of the nurse including the cells of a developing baby” especially in females (CDC). Whao! Talk about potency! These examples come to my mind when I read in Hebrew 4:12 about the potency and efficacy of the word of God. You may wonder what that means to you. Well, my friend, this means that the word of God carries the power within it to effect transformational changes in your life and situations.

Look at it this way, you ingest a pill and wait for the desired outcome. You are sure that the relief is coming although you can’t see or explain what the pill is doing inside your body. For example, with Ibuprofen’s pharmacokinetics, it goes through stages of blocking prostaglandins (the substance your body release in response to illness and injury which also causes pain and swelling) before you start to feel the relief. Think about it. It is your body. While you don’t know what or where prostaglandins are in your body, that little pill knows just where to find them, block them, and bring you relief. The pill looks small but you trust it to cause changes in your body that you have no power or ability to make for yourself no matter how big and smart you are. Interesting, right?

In Provers 4:22, we learn that the word of God is medicine to the body. It is alive. When you take in the word (receive it by faith) you can trust that things begin to change within you. The word knows where things are not right in your life. Just like the patient taking a pain medicine expects to get some relief soon, you can speak the word and watch your transformations manifest. It will always work when you receive it by faith and believe it is yours.

Metformin is a diabetes medication that helps the body respond better to insulin and reduce the amount of glucose the liver produces, to lower the blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient. Just like Metformin, the Word has the power to enter into you and wake up every part of your body that needs the light and touch of God. The Spirit and power in the Word will turn on lights in the dark areas in your life until your whole being is made fully alive and whole, able to respond to the things of God.

What if your life feels like a junk yard that you don’t even know where to begin the cleanup process? (Just to let you know, that’s always the enemy putting those thoughts in your head to paralyze you from seeking help). But have no fear, dear friend. The Word is also like a dynamite. It is quick and powerful. It is spirit and life. It will go through the rubbles of your life to jumpstart your engine again until your whole life becomes alive and is fully transformed. Like a dynamite, it will blow up and blow out everything that is holding your spirit from thriving and you will see the new and real you rising up out of the rubbles.

So, are you hurting today? Are you feeling down and don’t even know what is wrong with you? Do you feel like your life if full of too many junks and you cringe at the thought of trying to clean it up?

The solution is here. Go and get your dose of the Word today. Put your faith in it and watch God do the impossible in your life. Better yet, as you get your relief, don’t forget that friend in pain. You would share your Ibuprofen with them for their headache, won’t you? Same process. Go ahead and share the word of God with that hurting friend, coworker or neighbor today. Remember, the word carries power within it to effect transformational changes in life situations.

Scripture: Heb: 4:12; John 6:63b; Prov 4:22; Ps. 119:130

CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/updates/upd-01-09-19.html

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