Have you ever thought about what defines you? How would you introduce yourself if someone asked you?

Sometimes after being in a particular profession or line of work for a long time, we tend to identify with that title or profession. There’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, you’ve worked hard to be where you are today and by all means, those efforts should be acknowledged.

However, truth is, your job or profession does not qualify you or define you no matter how you choose to look at it:  a means to make money for day to day living, your mission field or place of assignment for the kingdom of God, your calling or passion etc.

A job can be lost. People get laid off, economic situations in the country may change, your profession may no longer be relevant due to ever-advancing technology, the list goes on.

What about diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s that rob people of the memory of themselves or their loved ones? A disease that turns a well-accomplished Surgeon, Professor, or event the President of a nation into someone that doesn’t remember how to put on shoes, dress, or feed himself! What value would you place on such a person? Yes, they have the degrees and accolades. Yes, they are world-renowned.  Yes they broke several world records. But does their current condition make them of less worth? Are they less valuable in God’s sight?

Of course not!

Neither should this make anyone less valuable is our sight or opinion. We must know that even in those cases, the ability or loss of ability to perform a job doesn’t make a person more or less valuable.

I have the privilege of serving the geriatric population as part of my job duties, some with the diseases mentioned above. And anytime I look through their eyes I see a soul that’s longing to be recognized, loved, admired, and seen as a valued person. A gentle touch, a look in the eye, a smile may be all you can offer at the time but it goes a long way.

My friend, you are more valuable than a job title or any title for that matter.


1. Whatever you do for a living be thankful for it.

2. See God as the only One too important in your life that you can’t be without.

3. Whatever job you do, do it as unto God. Your reward comes from Him not your paycheck, or man’s high esteem of you because your title.

4. Appraise yourself by what God says and not what your job title, career, salary or economic status says.

5. Ask God to paint a vivid picture upon the template of your heart of how He sees you. Hold on to it, prayerfully pursue it, and don’t allow people or situations to override that picture, ever!

6. Be thankful always because it is God that qualifies you and not your career or people.

Find your value in what God says about you. In the love of God that never wavers no matter how far you go.

Remember: God loves you. Don’t let anyone tell you different! You are blessed more than you know!

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