All about Jesus

He is Life. He is Love. The way. The Truth. Forever exalted. The Maker and Sustainer of all things.

Worship is the expression of a heart postured in deep and reverent awe of The One. No fancy words needed. No eloquence required. Lord Jesus, it’s all about You!


Yemi and Femi

Femi and Yemi have been worship ministers together for over 25 years. They are song writers, producers, recording artists, authors and ministers of the Word. They are passionate about reaching the world with the love of God through the word and music. Femi and Yemi are also accomplished professionals in the marketplace. 

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His Eye Is On The Sparrow

This song has been a blessing to me for many years. Composed and written in 1905 by Charles H. Gabriel and Civilla D. Martin. In a world with so much turbulence and anxieties, it is comforting to know that God watches over us. Luke 12:4-7

You are Invited

Do you feel empty inside? Like there is a void that nothing can fill? Do you feel like you’re living a life without purpose?

Let me invited you to a life worth living. A life of purpose. A life connected to the Source and Fountain of life. 
If someone promised you a life full of abundance and they can deliver on that promise, would you accept that offer? If they already displayed their commitment to you by paying the ultimate price on your behalf even before you met them. Will this make their offer much more believable?

Well, there is that one man who showed the greatest love. He died so you can live. He became the ransom for your inadequacies before God. He promised His strength for your weakness. He himself is life. In Him is eternal life. His name is Jesus. You can ask Him to come into your heart today and fill that void. All you have to do is ask and He’ll be there. Take a step today. Your soul is worth it!

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The long awaited MUSIC CD – New Day Is here! 

Curated word delivered in music that’s sure to lift the heart and soul to God’s presence. God has brought us through seasons of seasoning and this is an outcome of His hand upon us. It’s nothing like we could have come out with on our own. It’s faith-boosting, heart encouraging, full of heart-healing messages and  heartfelt worship to the Great I AM, who alone is worthy of it all. Our hearts are full of thanksgiving and we rejoice In expectation of the great things God will do In the life of each listener. It’s all about Jesus!

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